Current Date:February 25, 2024

Saket Welcomes Apple’s Latest Store: A Blend of Technology and Artistry

After the flourishing launch of the Apple flagship store at Mumbai’s Jio World Drive mall in the bustling district of Bandra Kurla Complex (BKC), Apple fans in Delhi are now seen to be celebrating in high zeal and verve as Apple Store has finally opened its doors in the heart of Saket. The new store promises to be a game-changer for the tech industry in the capital city.

The Apple Saket store boasts a unique design that sets it apart from other Apple Stores around the world. The store’s facade is made of seamless sheets of glass which gives it a futuristic and sleek appearance. The store’s interior is just as impressive, with warm lighting, wooden tables, and large video screens showcasing Apple’s latest products.

Image: Apple official site

Another thing that is special about this Apple Store is that it is said to have 70 employees who can speak more than 15 languages and half of their overall workforce comprises of women!

The store also features a ‘Genius Bar’ where the customers can book an appointment for any hands-on technical and hardware support.

Additionally, just like any other Apple store, Apple Saket runs on 100 percent renewable energy and is carbon neutral.

With its prime location in the heart of Saket, one of Delhi’s most affluent neighborhoods, the Apple Saket store is expected to attract a large number of tech-savvy customers who are willing to invest in high-end products that offer the latest technology and cutting-edge features.

Image: Apple official site

Apple CEO Tim Cook was also present at the launch for the Apple Store in Saket. One day prior to the inauguration, Tim Cook was also spotted at Delhi’s Lodhi Art District. He also took to Twitter to congratulate the St+art Foundation their amazing artists for capturing Indian life so powerfully. He also thanked Dattaraj Naik for showing him how he designs murals on his iPad!

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