Current Date:February 25, 2024

About Us

Meet the one-stop, blog spot that brings stories to life – ones that are sure to stay with you for times immemorial!
The Blog Spot was started by Delhi-based Sarabjeet Singh, who dons various hats including that of a techie, foodie, and traveler. With a proficient experience of more than a decade in the Information Technology (IT) sector, Sarabjeet always had a penchant for good food and travel adventures, and that’s what inspired him to initiate The Blog Spot.

The Blog Spot is a culmination of Singh’s travel tales across the land of myriad cultures – India. Through his blogs, he strives to share authentic food recommendations, enthralling travel inspiration, and most importantly – positivity!
From foodies to travellers, technology enthusiasts, fashion lovers, sports aficionados, creative buffs, The Blog Spot has something in store for everyone alike.
We hope you enjoy our content and experiences, as much as we enjoy it while creating it!